In the past, many moons ago, I had the opportunity to meet Billy Abbott while he was in my hometown, doing a masterclass regarding casks and relatively newish whisky distilleries. He introduced me to some distilleries I hadn’t tried before, including Bimber and Milk & Honey. . .

Billy Abbott - curtesy of him

As you could’ve known, this is the 3rd year of Croatia’s whisky event called Whisky Leaks, which is organized by Fine Stvari. It was a big surprise to even host this event during the Covid pandemic, but they’ve managed to do it out in the open and with proper restrictions. However, we’ll talk about that later.

Mr. Zlatko Ivkić

Kilchoman has released around 985 different whiskies in less than 20 years of their existence. These are only official bottlings, however, there are approximately 30 more for the IB releases. The reason why I never got into Kilchoman, besides their core range and occasional 100% islay release, is just the sheer number of bottles they release.

Kilchoman Ruby Port Single Cask

This is the first release from the new distillery situated in the small village of Glenbeg in the Highlands region. Considering it has a lot of bottles it was completely sold out in 95% of the stores in the world. Being released during the pandemic and being priced reasonably for a 5-year-old product worked brilliantly for the owners of the distillery – Adelphi.

Ardnamuchan Inaugural release

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“The light music of whiskey falling into a glass; an agreeable interlude” – James Joyce

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